Thursday, May 19, 2016

Positive aspect: Their mob mentality in hunting for the pig feeds them. They get really amped up to catch the pig that they forget that when they first got there they didn't even want to kill it.
Negative aspect:  when they mount the pigs head and glorify their killl
Conclusion: Becoming savage like and being in this state of mob mentality is a blessing and a curse but all in all it ended up as more of a curse.

They're going to kill you

In the book PTI Arnold is suffering from living in depressing poor reservation where the education is as old as his parents and the motivation to do great wilts like an old flower. "If you stay on the rez, They're going to kill you. I'm going to kill you, We're all going to kill you"(Alexie 43) What Mr. P really means by this statement is that, if Arnold stays there he will lose all motivation to go anywhere in life, the people around him will become more depressed then they already are, every care he still has in the world will go out the window, and he will become just another drunk reservation puppet.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Stanford prison experiment vs the lord of the flies

When you put good people in an evil and uncivilized place their mind morphs into survival mode which can bring out the evil in them. Even if the situation isn't real the actions of others gives off a chain reaction to turn it into something dangerous to the mind. From the videos of the Stanford prison experiment it shows that it first starts off as just an experiment but then ones actions towards another sets off a whole chain reaction to the rest of the college students taking part in it and causes a very dangerous, anxiety filled, confusing situation. In the Lord of the Flies the boys on the island start off as little kids who don't have any experience in the wild, but by the end of the book their killing their piers and slaughtering pigs.